An Outing for Our New Youth Advisory Board

The Family Center recently launched a Youth Advisory Board to help us develop programming for NYC youth and identify emerging needs of youth in our community.

On February 16th, they went on a outing in Dumbo.  Enjoy the fun photos of our fabulous Family Center teens!

TFC is 25 This Year!!

Twenty-five years went by in a flash. So much has changed, and yet much remains the same. For example, The Family Center mission has changed, but the professional, compassionate, trauma-informed way that we work with client families has never changed -and never will change.

Take a look at our Then and Now list below.  What do you remember most from 25 years ago?

TFC’s work answers a child’s question, “Who will take care of me?” TFC’s work keeps families stronger, longer.
The Lion King and Forrest Gump are released in theatres. Black Panther makes Academy Award history as the first superhero movie nominated for an Oscar.
TFC works predominantly with children and families impacted by HIV/AIDS. TFC works with New Yorkers and families affected by any illness, crisis, or loss.
Major League Baseball Players Association begins a strike causing the season to be canceled. Mariano Rivera becomes the first person unanimously nominated into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
TFC opens on Reade Street in lower Manhattan but serves families city-wide. TFC’s office is in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn but we continue to serve New Yorkers throughout the city in numerous locations.
Amazon is founded. Amazon announces its plans to open HQ2 in Long Island City.
TFC provides predominantly social and legal services. TFC offers social, legal, and behavioral health services.
Sheryl Crow won best new artist at the Grammy’s. Kendrick Lamar wins a Pulitzer Prize for Music.
TFC is grounded in research that shows how many children will be orphaned by HIV/AIDS. TFC research demonstrates that our programs reduce maternal depression and improve the chances of mothers returning to work or school, among other positive metrics.

Thank you for following this blog and for supporting The Family Center on our 25-year journey.  We look forward to celebrating our 25th Anniversary with you throughout 2019!