Three of Hearts

You know the part of New York that just lets you be who you are? Those places you can go and know you’ll be accepted? This is quintessential New York, and Three of Hearts is the quintessential New York City event. It’s everyday people coming together to enjoy some great music and support a great cause.

The first year I went to Three of Hearts, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But when I walked in the door, everyone was so welcoming and interested in getting to know me. I remember thinking, “This is just like The Family Center.”

I first walked through The Family Center’s doors over 15 years ago, not knowing what to expect. My goal at the time was to make sure my illness didn’t keep my children from having a full life. I was welcomed by The Family Center’s social workers, attorneys, and health educators, who gave me the tools to be able to take care of my children and manage my health. If it wasn’t for The Family Center, my children would not have gone as far as they have in life. My daughter graduated college last year, and I never thought I would have a child do that.

Barbara and performer Mark Anthony Lee at Three of Hearts 2011

So last year when I was considering who to invite as my guest to Three of Hearts, I couldn’t think of a better person to go with than my son. The wonderful entertainment, serene atmosphere, and deep impact the agency has had on our family provided the perfect opportunity for us to show our support.

Whether you want to take your significant other, your friend, or your child, it’s definitely an event worth inviting someone to. Plus, the fact that it’s only $20, and every cent goes to The Family Center – you can’t beat it!

 If you come to Three of Hearts on February 18th, you’ll be sure to see me in the crowd. The entertainers, the company, The Family Center…it’s all music to my heart.

Barbara Blakney
Board of Directors