The Answer Connects Us

When families are strong, and children have loving, stable homes, we are a better New York.

Since 1994, The Family Center has been working to strengthen families affected by parental illness, crisis or loss –so they might answer and comfort the child who asks,

Who will take care of me?

In this digital age, The Family Center is striving to make new connections online and elsewhere.  We know that digital tools can expand the impact of our work connecting vulnerable children and families with services, resources and other New Yorkers who want to help.

Our new child welfare and diabetes treatment and prevention programming represents two such achievements.  Our debut on Twitter and the launch of this blog connect us to supporters like you.

So thank you for reading, and please come back again soon.  Everyone in The Family Center family –social workers, attorneys, volunteers, Board members, and the children and families in our care– will all be blogging here with me.  The Family Center cannot strengthen families alone.  We need you to help answer that child’s question.